• Why Become a Revenue Warrior?

In Two Years You Won’t Recognize Your Company

  • A Much Higher Valuation

  • Accelerated Revenue Growth

  • Wiser Use of Sales and Marketing

  • Greater Control over Revenue Generation

  • An Intense Focus on The Customer

Unleash the Power of Marketing

Much Higher Valuation

Consider you are shopping for a classic used muscle car. You locate two identical vehicles and start to compare. The engine of one runs smooth, sounds strong. The owner can show you complete maintenance records and has a nice little trophy from the drag strip.  The asking price is $30,000.  The other vehicle’s engine runs a little rough and the owner can’t produce any maintenance records. The asking price is $25,000.

Are you going to pay a 20% premium for a car with a stronger, better cared for engine? You bet you are, unless you happen to like spending a lot time and money making the engine run right.

A company with a demonstrable revenue generation model that has performed well over time is going to be able to demand a higher price.

Give Sales & Marketing Focus

Accelerated Revenue Growth

The fact is, most small and mid-sized companies are not growing as quickly or as profitably as they could because they don’t know how to leverage marketing. Revenue Warriors changes that.

You’ll know exactly what Marketing can and should do to contribute more toward revenue growth.

Don’t think Marketing contributes to revenue? Believe that Sales is the only generator of revenue? Join Revenue Warriors and put a plan into place whereby marketing contributes at least 24% of the revenue opportunities.

Do More of What Works

A Wiser Use of Sales and Marketing

Don’t be fooled. Successful marketing is tough. It’s difficult enough for pros. It’s nearly impossible for amateurs to get marketing (or sales) right. Revenue Warriors is structured so you’ll do more of what works. And less of what doesn’t.

In the Revenue Warriors program you’ll develop a revenue-generation plan that specifies how Marketing will contribute to revenue growth. Besondy, your marketing coach and adviser, will guide your decision-making . You’ll have a group of peers to bounce ideas off of. All of which enables you to make smarter marketing and sales decisions on the way to dialing in a high-performance revenue engine. (And a higher valuation for your company down the road).

Learn How to Control Revenue Velocity

Greater Control Over Revenue Generation

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Most small B2B companies struggle to really understand the inter-relationship between marketing, sales, and revenue. This leads to a lot of guessing.

In Revenue Warriors you’ll use a powerful, user-friendly modeling tool to define your revenue generation model. The model clearly reveals what sales and marketing must do each period for the next three years in order to achieve the revenue goals. Awareness to names; names to leads, leads to opportunities; opportunities to proposals; proposals to checks.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your revenue funnel — from top to bottom. With that understanding is possible better informed decisions. With that knowledge comes more accurate forecasts and fewer revenue surprises.

Align Your Company with How Buyers Buy

An Intense Focus on the Customer

I’m sure you are passionate about your product or service. It’s all you think about, right? That’s a good thing unless everyone in your company is so inwardly focused on the product and your internal processes, that they forget about the customer.

As a Revenue Warrior, your company will embrace a laser focus on the customer. The go-to-market strategy you develop will focus on a single buyer’s problem you elect to solve. The revenue generation plan will be aligned with how your customers buy–the stages of the Buyers Journey. Your branding and messaging will speak in terms that resonate with the buyer.