• Gain Control Over The Entire Revenue Cycle

  • See and Understand The Dynamics of Your Revenue Engine

  • Improve Forecast Accuracy

  • Set the Right KPI’s for Your Revenue Generation Team

  • Focus Sales and Marketing on Revenue Generation

Your Own Revenue Modeling Tool

Each Revenue Warriors member has a subscription* to a sophisticated funnel calculator and modeling tool. Under the guidance of Besondy, members use the online tool to create a revene funnel with stages and metrics that reflect how their customers buy from them.

For most CEOs this is the first time they have a detailed view of how much marketing activity and sales activity is required to achieve the goal for new revenue.

Once the funnel model is set, the planning process continues with the development of the tactical sales and marketing plan necessary to make the model a reality for your business.

*The funnel calculator is a component of the online planning tool, which members are required to subscribe to separately (for under $30/month).

Funnel Model Reveals the Truth About Your Revenue Engine

  1. What is the real length of my sales cycle? Hint: it’s a LOT longer than you think.
  2. How many leads do I really need to win a deal?
  3. When do I need to hire more sales people?
  4. Historically, why has my sales forecast been so wrong?
  5. What is necessary to generate a quality lead?
  6. Is the available market too small to support my revenue goal?
  7. What happens to revenue if I increase market awareness by 10%?