Think of a great sports team and chances are you remember the name of the coach behind them. Top performers nearly always have a coach to guide them, to make them better at their game, and to be more competitive in the field they play on. Sports teams, performers and businesses of noteworthy value got their because of good coaching.

A Business Coach Helps you Stay Focused on the Prize

A person proving good business coaching services generally comes with a bandwidth of experience. He/she understands your situation and challenges from an empathetic level on what you are experiencing and in many cases, how to fix it.

A good business coach will hold you and him/herself accountable as well. Understands how money, people, systems and marketing come together – and will give you the tools to play to win.

Having a business coaching service is essential in bringing maximum value to your business and will adequately prepare you for your final exit.

And, by working with you to maximize the value of your business with the end in mind, your coach knows how to get you to final finish line.

  • This is why every play is considered to be a move toward the final goal of maximum value at the point of selling your business.
  • Why you have systems in place so that at the point of succession, your business is running itself.
  • When your business brand, name and team that has established a reliable process for serving your repeating customers, then you have made it.

Remember, business buyers receive little value in purchasing you, but real long lasting value if you have successfully built a business that doesn’t need you. This is the key to getting to the final finish line with a golden parachute that you can retire with.

Play to Win, Leverage Business Coaching Services

As a business strategist of 23 plus years I have needed to drill down with many business owners and CEOs in a coaching capacity to better personalize the objectives. Being a good listener, and knowing when to push at the appropriate time is essential.

An easy example is the story of business partners with a deli chain. After giving them an in-depth assignment which included a three-day vacation first, they returned to unexpectedly announce that they realized that they really wanted to sell the business and move to Spain! After strategic preparations which included coaching them through the process, we did just that. In fact, they sold their six locations for 40% more than its appraised value just seven months previously.

You see, business really is a sport. If you are not playing to win then you don’t really have a business, you have a hobby; and your business coach will tell you that. So go out and play the sport of business – but play to win and walk off the field with the golden trophy (selling your business for maximum value!) And remember, it is easier with business coaching services helping you along the way.

John Russell has served as Principal Adviser for companies in Austin, San Francisco and Central Europe since 1995.