• Frequently Asked Questions about the Revenue Warriors Program

No. Revenue Warriors™ is a program that helps increase your valuation by building a better revenue generation engine. The program’s goal is to make your company more valuable, and you more money when and if you decide to sell.

No. You will want a Business Broker for that. Revenue Warriors™ is a program that helps you create a high-performance revenue generation engine, one which includes a marketing component that measurably contributes to revenue growth.

By building a consistent revenue-generating machine, you will increase revenue and valuation.

No problem. There’s nothing in the Revenue Warrior program that forces you to sell. But consider if you follow the program consistently, the result will be a company that is worth a lot more in five years than it is today. And that’s a good thing whether you decide to sell or not.

Some participants simply want to grow the business so they can draw more income out of it. That’s fine, too. Both ownership goals are supported with a great plan, solid execution and wise advise.

If you are planning on positioning your business to sell and want to receive the highest possible price,you are most likely embarking on a journey of several years depending on the company’s current situation.

For many owners, a 5-year timeline is common, which is why I use the figure for reference.  Sustainable revenue growth is only one of many factors that are considered in a valuation, of course. The other components take time, too.

This is not to suggest that you have to commit to Revenue Warriors for five years, although you will need to commit to the discipline and best practices that you’ll learn if you expect to achieve exceptional results over time.

As a Revenue Warrior you’ll generate a revenue growth plan and revenue generation model within the first three months. After that, you’ll begin to see a noticeable transformation in how marketing and sales work together. Before the 12th month you’ll see improvements in marketing results and can point to how marketing is contributing to revenue.

Participants need to be close enough to Austin to make possible the the quarterly peer group meetings and monthly one-on-one meetings with Besondy.

If you are located outside the Austin metropolitan area and are interested in achieving revenue growth through smarter marketing, Besondy can develop an individual program for you. See www.BesondyLLC.com

That’s great. You already know the power of peer groups. Most, like Vistage or The Alternative Board, are general in their focus, which is okay as far as it goes.

But, if Marketing-driven growth is your company’s Achilles Heel than you are better-served to place more of your energy on getting Marketing right. And you’ll get better marketing advice from a B2B marketing expert like Besondy.

By all means stay in your other group if you believe it is valuable, but join Revenue Warriors to get the revenue generation engine into high gear.

The membership is limited to CEOs, Presidents and business owners. We’ve found that having a safe and confidential environment is best for having frank discussions about marketing and sales issues.

However, participation of the Sales Manager in the planning phase is absolutely critical.

Absolutely not. The purpose of Revenue Warriors is to guide you expertly through a process that puts the right plan into action for achieving greater revenue growth.

Through the planning and implementation of your plan you’ll learn a lot about how to better manage the Marketing function and budget. You’ll know enough to be dangerous, as they say.

Additionally, through this program you have access to Besondy for advice on marketing and revenue-generations issues.

It can be advantageous to have a marketing resource on staff if that person has the right skills and is working to contribute to revenue growth.

With Revenue Warriors you’ll have the support you and the Marketing Manager need to make better marketing decisions: a clear, measurable plan, the guidance of a B2B marketing consultant, and the collective wisdom of other business owners.

Your Marketing Manager is encouraged to be an active participant in Revenue Warrior activities except the quarterly Peer Group meetings, which are reserved for CEOs and owners only.

That can be a good thing. With Revenue Warriors you have the option of inviting them to participate with you in developing the go-to-market plan, which connects tactics to revenue generation like no other planning process can. With the agency resource available to you, implementing the plan should be faster, too.

Do you want to sell your company some day for a lot more than it’s worth today? The right marketing can contribute mightily to that goal.

Revenue Warriors is designed to help business owners increase business valuation by creating a more powerful revenue-generation engine.

Marketing may never be the leading contributor to revenue growth, but if you’re not doing any of it today you’re probably missing opportunities for growth.

Three months is the minimum commitment.

After three months you are billed on a monthly basis. You can withdraw at any time after three months. If you are expecting to see measurable results, plan on actively participating in Revenue Warriors for at least 12 months.

The program is offered as a membership service, by Besondy Consulting & Interim Management, Inc. You pay an initial enrollment fee, plus a monthly membership fee.

Two plans are offered, starting at $1,200 per month.

For more pricing details, please see the Revenue Warriors pricing page.

In the first three months during which you and Besondy are developing your go-to-market plan and revenue model you’ll need to devote 36-48 hours total to the program.

After that, your  involvement in the Revenue Warriors program will average three hours per month.

Of course implementing the Plan may require additional time, depending on the resources available to you and the size of the tactical plan.

The companies are small to mid-sized organizations, privately held. They sell a service or product to other companies. In other words, they are B2B companies, not retailers, or consumer goods companies.

No two companies in the same industry sector are permitted, for competitive reasons.

Cost wise, Revenue Warriors is priced similarly to other programs. Unlike other programs, such as Vistage or The Alternative Board, our program includes two major deliverables within the first 3 months — A world-class Go-to-Market Plan and a Revenue Generation Model.

Revenue Warriors doesn’t intend to compete with other CEO or executive peer groups. This program focuses on helping you increase the valuation of your business by developing a predictable, high-performance revenue generation engine. The stronger the revenue engine, the more valuable your company will be. We don’t address Finance or Operations issues.

Together, we focus on getting the revenue generation plan right, and implementing that plan smartly and consistently over time.

We also differ from other programs because of our core beliefs:

  1. Attitude is as important as planning and execution to your success.
  2. Marketing should contribute to revenue growth.
  3. Marketing and Sales are two sides of the same Revenue coin. They must be aligned to a single plan and purpose.
  4. A safe environment of trusted peers is a powerful competitive advantage

If you need assistance implementing any of the marketing and sales tactics within your revenue generation plan, you can contract with Besondy, or he will put you in touch with the necessary trusted talent.

The cost of implementing your revenue growth plan is not included in the Revenue Warrior program.

If you elect to direct the implementation of your marketing plan yourself, rest easy knowing that Besondy is your Revenue Warrior resource to advise you on how best to contract with and manage the talent.

Alternatively you can contract separately with Besondy to implement the marketing plan for you. This service is in addition to the Revenue Warriors membership. For many companies it is the easiest and fastest way to put their plan into action.

A camouflaged revenue funnel.